This is a volume discount Screen Printing shop.
Setup Charges for Screen Printing on Orders 15
Each color in your design is $20.00/screen/ per print
This is a ONE TIME charge plus printing charges & shirt:
General Pricing
Screen printing is the art of making a stencil(s) out of your
black and white design. One stencil screen is created for
each color/image in your design.
If we have to separate each individual color to creat your image,
extra art charges may be applied
Prices flucuate weekly, so you need to call us or send for a Quote
Turn around time depends on your location and quantity ordered.
This process renders photo quality with your design or photos.
This process can be applied on any color of shirt or hat or flat hard surface!
Current Closeouts -  POLO SHIRT SALE!! and Hats
Here are some samples of 1,2,& 3 Color Screen Prints: