T-Shirt Shoppe Screen Printing Samples
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Here was a fun print to do:
This was a 2-color print representing stonework.
This is not an ordinary way of appling the ink for
the look of rock behind the customer's name
Double printing is required when printing on dark colors.
First the cream tan letters are printed and heat flashed.
This makes sure the touching color does not bleed.
Then to get different shades of 3 browns laced with a
small amount of puff additive, they are then scattered,
onto the 2nd stencil, then the ink is swirled, and the
squeegie is pulled down once forcing the ink through.
The print is heat flashed and scatter process is done again.

Now the shirt is ready for the heat cure through the dryer.
When the heat reacts to the puff additive it gives the 'rock'
a raised and rough texture.
This process takes a little longer than traditional printing.
But doesn't it look great!